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KSL Radio's Mark Van Wagoner, the station's highly-rated morning personality, resigned from KSL earlier this week to go with a new Salt Lake radio station, according to F. Russell Wood, KSL Radio Station Vice President and General Manager.Van Wagoner, alias "Mark in the Morning," was last heard on the air at AM-1160 Monday morning. He is being temporarily replaced by Dan Jessop until a permanent morning disc jockey is found.

"Mark walked in Monday morning and with no prior discussion, submitted his resignation," Wood said.

"`Why would anyone leave as the top guy at KSL and go with a new, unproven group?' is what you've got to ask yourself," Wood also queried.

Van Wagoner could not be reached for comment, but told Wood that he had such a good offer from a Seattle-based company, Bingham Group Communications, that reportedly has purchased KMGR Radio (alias "Magic 107") at FM-107.5 and AM-1230.

Employed by KSL for 12 years, Van Wagoner has been consistently ranked as one of the most listened-to disc jockeys in Utah.

- In an unrelated incident, Lee Pocock, KSL Director of Marketing and Promotions, has resigned from his position for personal reasons. - Lynn Arave.