Actor Ed Asner has admitted he fathered a 10-month-old boy out of wedlock and agreed to pay more than $2,100 a month in child support, a lawyer says. Asner also must pay the mortgage on a $300,000 condominium where the child lives with his mother, Carol Jean Vogelman, said attorney Ronald Supancic, who represents Vogelman's former husband. Asner, star of television's "Bronx Zoo," the old "Mary Tyler Moore Show" and "Lou Grant," conceded the child was his after seven months of medical tests and testimony. The actor became involved in the court action when Vogelman's ex-husband, David Stone, alleged his $3,000-a-month alimony payment was being used to support a child that wasn't his. Asner attorney Michael Schiff said only that Asner and Vogelman had reached an agreement that was being put into writing.