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Followers of the late polygamist Ervil LeBaron are not the only radical fundamentalists whose religious rhetoric is sometimes violent.

Several men nationwide claim to be the "One Mighty and Strong" - as LeBaron did.The reference to the One Mighty and Strong comes from Section 85 of the Doctrine and Covenants, an LDS scripture. Fanatics claim it predicts that the LDS Church would fall and the One Mighty and Strong would restore it. The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, however, teaches that the scripture simply told an early bishop to repent or he would be replaced.

LeBaron used his claims to justify several murders - including that of rival polygamist Rulon Allred in 1977 in Murray (or which he was convicted). Police wonder whether his former followers may be following his example.

But LeBaron wasn't the only one claiming to being the One Mighty and Strong who committed murder.

Polygamist Vickie Singer hinted in a Deseret News interview that her son-in-law, Addam Swapp, may be the One Mighty and Strong. The Swapps and Singers ended a standoff with police at Marion, Summit County, earlier this year in a shoot-out that left a corrections officer dead.

Also, self-proclaimed prophet Ron Lafferty and his brothers claimed to collectively be the One Mighty and Strong. He is on death row in the Utah State Prison for the 1984 murder of his sister-in-law and her baby in American Fork.

Such violence raises questions about others who may claim to be the One Mighty and Strong. Following are some:

Ross Wesley LeBaron - The 73-year-old, self-proclaimed prophet and polygamist is a brother of Ervil LeBaron. He lives meagerly in a garage-style, self-storage unit in West Valley City.

He once openly proclaimed himself as the One Mighty and Strong on a weekly radio show. He says he is not violent.

He also makes other claims, such as that the Star of Bethlehem was actually Adam's spaceship - and that Adam is God the Father.

One of his friends says LeBaron tells the press such things so his more violent relatives will think he is crazy and no threat to their aspirations.

Still, some of LeBaron's relatives suffered from hereditary mental illness. A brother and sister were diagnosed as having "dementia praecox," an early term for schizophrenia that normally appears in young adulthood.

Art Bulla - Bulla, 40, keeps his Salt Lake area address a secret. He also once had a radio show on KZZI to proclaim himself as the One Mighty and Strong. He said he believes in polygamy and would practice it but has not found any willing women.

Bulla joined the LDS Church while in the Army but said he left in 1978 when it started ordaining blacks to the priesthood. He said he has since had dozens of revelations and miracles - including casting 100 devils out of a girl. He said he baptized 10 followers, but all fell away because of persecution.

"I am not opposed to violence if it is necessary," he said.

Archie Dean Wood - While many claiming to be the One Mighty and Strong also advocate polygamy, Wood, 39, of Pocatello, Idaho, left the LDS Church because it once espoused that practice. He teaches that Joseph Smith erred in teaching polygamy.

Wood said he has met Christ. "I was camping in the Uinta Mountains in Utah, and God just showed up. I was rummaging in my backpack looking for some lures. When I looked up, he was there." He said Christ's message was personal.

Thirteen members of Wood's 130-member School of the Prophets issued a statement that Wood took them atop a hill near Pocatello where they also met Christ on June 12, 1986.

While Wood won't directly say he is the One Mighty and Strong, he claims to be a prophet named Azrael, and his pamphlets say Azrael is the One Mighty and Strong.

Frank Miller - Miller, 49, of Laveen, Ariz., an ex-Mormon, writes pamphlets that condone polygamy and often discuss the Old Testament's death penalty for adultery.

His son, Jeff, says his father has no intention of hurting anyone but teaches that destruction will befall those who will not heed his words - probably via a famine or an invasion by an American Indian army.

Bob Crossfield, also known as the prophet Onias and leader of a polygamist splinter group to which Ron Lafferty once belonged, said, "The Millers scare me. To me, they make the same kinds of claims that Ervil LeBaron did."

Roger Billings - Billings is nationally known as the developer of hydrogen-powered cars and buses. But fundamentalist leaders say Billings also claims to be the One Mighty and Strong.

Owen A. Allred, the leader of the polygamy-espousing Apostolic United Brethren in Bluffdale, describes a visit: "Upon our arrival, Mr. Billings sat us down and demanded that we recognize him as the One Mighty and Strong.

"Neither I nor Mr. Lavery (llred's companion) were at all interested in his arguments or his contentions. I wanted to reason with him, but he absolutely refused to have any contradictions. He definitely said he knew who he was and he positively was going to put me under a terrible curse if I did not give him the sealing authority."

In a telephone interview, Billings said he has never claimed to be the One Mighty and Strong. He also said he is not a violent man and described himself as a religious independent who had no followers.

John Bryant - Bryant leads the Evangelical Church of Christ in Woodburn, Ore. He denies having claimed to be the One Mighty and Strong, but Allred - from whose group Bryant split - said Bryant has used that title.

Ron Lafferty, a violent claimant to the One Mighty and Strong title, briefly followed Bryant. But Bryant said, "We believe that violence only creates problems."

Eugene Walton - Walton left the Reorganized Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, based in Independence, Mo., when it began baptizing polygamists in India and ordaining women. He joined another splinter group called the Cutlerites but left when it refused to accept him as the One Mighty and Strong.

He openly professes to be the One Mighty and Strong and said he received a revelation in 1977 that he was to be Joseph Smith's successor. He said he has received 80 revelations since.

Others - Numerous others apparently claim to be the One Mighty and Strong but could not be contacted and little information is known about them. Mailing addresses listed for such people include Spanish Fork and Kearns, Utah; La Jolla, Calif.; Colonia LeBaron, Mexico; Dallas; Boston; and Oxford, Great Britain.

Crossfield, the "prophet Onias," said, "There are probably dozens. We even have one man in our group who makes those claims. We keep a close eye on him and anyone like that because sometimes they are wacky."