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A preliminary hearing has been set for an LDS missionary who has been charged with two counts of aggravated sexual assault involving two young children.

Robert D. Campbell, 20, of Aberdeen, Idaho, was released from jail after Mission President David Campbell (no relation) posted a $10,000 bond. A hearing was scheduled Friday morning in the Dixon County Courthouse in Charlotte."I feel very confident that he's innocent of the allegations against him," said President Campbell. "We'll stand by him and see what action happens in court."

Dixon County Sheriff's Sgt. James Thrasher said he interviewed the mother and the Department of Human Services interviewed the two children before a warrant was issued for the missionary's arrest.

The mission president said the elders had shown a videotape at the home of a member, with the two missionaries, both parents and the children, ages 7 and 9, all in the same room. Thrasher said the alleged incidents took place during the movie and while one missionary was in a back room just before they left.

President Campbell said he received a call from a ward mission leader, who said the mother of the family was making "some serious accusations." The mission president called the woman, who said her daughters told her they had been fondled.

Wire service reports say the woman told a local newspaper that church officials told her not to call the police, that they would handle the incident themselves.

President Campbell denied having told the woman not to talk to the police. "I did not say that at all."

He said he told the woman the accusations were very serious, that he would be in touch with the missionary and would investigate the matter. The president said she told him she felt she needed to talk to police.