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Vandals caused extensive damage to an LDS church stake center earlier this week, according to a Salt Lake police report.

The Rose Park North Stake Center of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, 1155 N. 12th West, was apparently broken into late Tuesday night or early Wednesday morning, the report said. The damage was discovered about 8 a.m. Wednesday.The vandals apparently failed in an effort to force entry at the south end of the building. Police said they apparently then climbed a tree to get onto the roof of the building where they broke out a window on the second floor to enter.

The report said materials from the stake president's office were strewn about the inside of the building and a fire extinguisher was used to spray chemical fire retardant throughout the building. Also, a file cabinet was broken into and water was allowed to flood the cultural hall and hallways.

Video cassette tapes were strewn across the cultural hall floor and the vandals broke into the chapel area where hanging lights were apparently destroyed by having objects thrown at them.

The vandals wrote some obscene words on paper in one of the offices and left a note slurring Mormons. It was signed "Fang" and dated 7-6-88.

A damage estimate has not been completed, and police say it is still too early to know whether items were removed from the building. They said that assessment will be made after church officials complete an inventory of the damaged items.

Police have no suspects.