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Delta Airlines released Thursday morning the names of 12 of the 13 people who died aboard Flight 1141 that crashed in Dallas.

Five Utahns were injured in the crash, and two remained hospitalized Thursday morning.James Fuchs, 54, Farmington, Utah, was in stable condition Thursday at Harris Methodist H.E.B. Hospital in Bedford, Texas. Brad McClary, 34, Sandy, was listed in stable condition at Methodist Medical Center in Dallas.

Treated and released from Baylor Medical Center in Grapvine, Texas were: Damon Berry, 37, Sandy; Russell Guttu, 24, Salt Lake City; and Dennis Selvage, 43, West Valley City.


Miller Brown, 55, Dallas

Glenn Harvey Campbell, 53, Joshua, Texas

Jennifer Campbell, 44, Joshua, Texas.

Dixie Dunn, flight attendant, 56, Dallas.

Marian Fadal, 65, Waco, Texas.

Rosilyn Marr, flight attendant, 43, Dallas.

Patrick Scott Morgan, 28, Richardson, Texas

Tiffany Morgan, 14 months, Richardson, Texas

Scott Owen, 29, Fanger, Texas.

Bud Speer, 25, Rosebud, Texas.

Phillip Vogel, 69, Dallas

Thelma, Vogel, 67, Dallas

Here's a list of crew members and passengers taken to hospitals from the crash of the Delta 727 jetliner Wednesday at Dallas-Fort Worth International Airport:

Irving Health Care System, Irving; admitted - Shelley Hughes, 28, Calgary, Canada; Edana Robnett, 28, of Greenwood Spring, La.; Norman Newcity, 36, of Kennesaw, Ga.; Dailene Owens, 27, of Dallas; her parents, Geraldine Owens and Dale Owens, both 59, Bentonville, Ark.; and Joyce Millard, 61, of Fort Allen, La.

Released - Lori Smith, 27, of Cardova, Tenn. All injuries described as mostly minor burns and cuts.

Methodist Medical Center, Dallas: admitted - Brad McClarey, 34, Sandy, Utah, stable, and Gregory Griggers, 22, Jefferson, Ala., stable. Released - his brother, Brian Griggers, 24, Denopolis, Ala.

Baylor Medical Center, Grapevine: admitted - Russell Smith, 37, of Boise, for observation because of hypertension. Released - Jerry Galloway, 27, Colleyville, Texas; Russell Guttu, 24, Salt Lake City; Dennis Selvage, 42, West Valley City, Utah; Melissa Lewis, 24, Tupelo, Miss.; Ronald Black, 30, West Monroe, La. Mostly minor cuts, bruises and smoke inhalation.

Parkland Memorial Hospital, Dallas: admitted - Capt. Larry Davis, 48, Greenville, Texas, serious with back injury; Larry Wilson, 51, Jeffersonville, Ala., fair with smoke inhalation and minor injuries; Edmond Fadal, 63, Waco, Texas; Bernard Glim, 69, North Port, Fla., fair, and Natalie Glim, his wife, 67, fair.

Arlington Memorial Hospital, Arlington: Belinda Brumeman, 27, of Dallas, flight attendant, being transferred to Presbyterian Hospital in Dallas. Her condition is not critical.

Northeast Community Hospital, Bedford: admitted - Melba McDonald, 36, Texarkana, Texas, critical with multiple injuries; Robert Coester, 38, Carrollton, Texas, stable with lacerated hand; Diana George, 22, of Dallas, fair; Wilson Kirkland, 37, Monroe, La., guarded with back injury; Henry McDonald, 34, of Texarkana, Texas, guarded, and Stephen Boynton, 30, of The Colony, Texas, guarded with back injury. Released - Danny Ellington, 40, Tulare, Calif., and Karie Solomonson, 22, of Euless, Texas.

Harris Methodist HEB, Bedford: admitted - Collette Callow, 25, Arlington, stable with fracture; Bernyce Hill, 71, Buhl, Idaho, stable, multiple fractures; Stella Grigg, 80, Troup, Texas, stable with back and chest injuries; Joe King, 38, Dallas, stable with burns; Steve Judd, Delta flight engineer, 31, Dallas, fair with abdominal trauma; Merella McMahan, 31, Mather, Calif., stable with abdominal and back pain; Edith Coleman, 72, Casper, Wyo., stable with multiple abrasions; Ronald Dyer, 38, Pearcy, Ark., stable with burns; Tammy Roberts, 24, West Monroe, La., fair with smoke inhalation; Robert Reinholt, 54, Yakima, Wash., stable with fracture; Mary O'Neill, 57, Dallas, fair with multiple lacerations; Randall Foreman, 38, Keller, stable with burns; Dana Deison, Delta flight attendant, 27, Fort Worth, satisfactory with a fracture; Troy Prater, 37, Dallas, stable with smoke inhalation; Frank Martin, 74, Springhill, La., stable with multiple burns and fracture; Barbara Smith, 53, Benton, Texas, stable with fracture; James Fuchs, 50, Farmington, Utah, stable with fracture. Thomas De Witte, 59, Shreveport, La., stable with smoke inhalation; Sandra Safier, 32, Sugar Land, Texas, satisfactory with fracture.

Released - Keith Thompson, 44, Dallas; Buddy Smith, 55, Benton, La.; Phillip Zetzman, 25, Dallas; Charles Stewart, 44, Monroe, La.; Michelle Christensen, 25, Dallas; Geoff Parkes, 37, Birmingham, England; Marjorie Dewitt, 56, Shreveport, La.; David Carmichael, 35, Monticello, Ark.; Gerhard Helmut, 47, Austria; Stan Thompson, 56, Euless; Mona Thomason, 36, Dickerson; Robert James, 35, Anchorage, Alaska; L.E. Bettes, 53, Great Falls, Mont.; W.T. Glass, 60, Bastha, La.; Norma Sarvis, 32, Euless; Allen Sarvis, 7 months, Euless; Christopher Sarvis, 3, Euless; James Sarvis, 33, Euless; Peter Wright, 37, Dallas; Jeff Sham, 27, Maud, Texas; Kay Koop, 30, Irving, Texas; Jim Hammock, 29, Garland, Texas; Gary Mauney, 37, Norphlet, Ark; Paul Verheyden, 33, Duncanville, Texas; Damon Berry, Delta employee, 37, Utah; Sarah Roberts, 2, West Monroe, La.; Dale Patterson, 36, Plano, Texas; John Hanson, 58, Shangaloo, La.; Vera Kirkland, 59, Whitman, Texas; David Mosal, no age, Jackson, Miss.; Dan Walker, 40, Dallas; Alicia Haynes, 32, Dallas; Elsie Martin, 73, Springhill, La.; A.A. Frymark, 71, Hurst; Wilbur Hill, 64, Buhl, Idaho; Ben Diamond, 77, Shelby, N.C.; Jane Wood, 26, Garland, Texas; Evan Wood, 5, Garland, Texas; Adam Wood, 3, Garland, Texas; Walt Allen, 42, Dallas; Penn Waugh, 38, Dallas; Audrey Mattson, about 32, Webster, Texas; and Pam Nadar, Sandra Seights and Mohammad Pavrovi, no ages or hometowns.

Dallas-Fort Worth Medical Center, Dallas: Robert Anderson, 41, of Dallas, sore ribs, treated and released.