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Fight promoter Dennis Rappaport has organized a group of investors and is prepared to make an offer to George Steinbrenner to buy the New York Yankees, he said Saturday on a radio sports show.

Rappaport, who managed former heavyweight contender Gerry Cooney and is involved in former heavyweight champion George Foreman's comeback attempt, would not disclose the amount his group would offer."I'm prepared and I have a group now and if Mr. Steinbrenner would entertain an offer, we would be willing to make a commitment to purchase the Yankees," Rappaport said in interview with Sal Algieri on WCDL-AM.

He would not disclose the members of the group nor would he say when such an offer would be made, only that it would come "within a short period of time."

Steinbrenner has been chastised by some of the New York media for his frequent changes of managers and his public criticism of Yankes players. He has not said the team is for sale.

Steinbrenner, the principal owner, put together a group of investors who bought the club from CBS in 1973.

"Mr. Steinbrenner has no interest in selling the club," said Yankees spokesman Harvey Greene, who was with the team in Oakland, Calif. "He has received numerous offers in the past, some of them very lucrative."

Rappaport, who was spending the weekend on Fire Island in New York, told the Associated Press the offer "will be structured in a way he could not refuse."

"Or, let me put it this way," said Rappaport, "If he does refuse it, it will be an emotional decision, not a financial one."