"Gala of Stars," a benefit for children with AIDS, will be presented Friday, Nov. 3, at 8 p.m. at the newly renovated Broadway Stage, 272 S. Main. Performing will be local artists including the Saliva Sisters, mime Joe Pitti, Century the magician, the Four Strings Quartet, the violin-and-guitar duo of Myrup and Brimhall and director Benjamin Cabey, founder of UT. ST. Fusion Inc., the sponsoring group. Also featured will be literary, vocal and instrumental performances by members of the Fusion Production Company. Incorporated in 1987, UT. ST. Fusion Inc. offers assistance, such as food, rent, utilities and medical expenses, to persons with AIDS. Proceeds from Friday's gala will go toward buying Christmas for children with AIDS and relieving some of the financial stress on their parents. Tickets are $12. For reservations call 359-4111.