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Jamie Fiske, who received a liver transplant after her father made an emotional appeal for a donor, is scheduled for surgery to remove her spleen because of internal bleeding, her father said Saturday.

The operation will take place Monday at the University of Minnesota Hospital where the 7-year-old girl underwent a liver transplant in 1982. It will be her first surgery since the transplant, said Charles Fiske.About the seriousness of her condition, Fiske said, "We've been in worse places and times." Still, he said, "It's major surgery for her, given the fact she had a liver transplant."

Jamie and her father traveled to Minneapolis on Thursday from their home in Bridgewater, Mass. Jamie, who is listed in stable condition, has suffered three bouts of internal bleeding this fall, and her doctors think an enlarged spleen may be responsible, he said.

Doctors don't believe her problem is related to the liver transplant, Fiske said. Her spleen began to enlarge a year after her transplant, but doctors said there had been no complications until now, he said.

Jamie was born Nov. 26, 1981, with biliary atresia, a condition in which the liver's bile ducts are blocked. Months later, the Fiskes learned that only a liver transplant could save her life.

She underwent a liver transplant after her father, then a hospital administrator, made an emotional appeal for a donor during a convention at the American Academy of Pediatricians. The nationally televised plea resulted in the offer a few days from a family in Utah whose 11-month-old son was killed in an accident.

The boy's parents decided to donate their son's liver after doctors told them their son was brain-dead following a car-train accident. They specifically requested that his liver be donated to Jamie.