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Adrian Dantley, acquired Wednesday from the Detroit Pistons for Dallas Mavericks' all-time leading scorer Mark Aguirre, will not be in a Mavericks uniform Saturday night for their game against the Houston Rockets.

Dantley missed the noon Friday reporting deadline included in the trade agreement but Mavericks officials waived that stipulation and will allow Dantley to join his new team when he is ready.By waiving the reporting deadline, the Mavericks cleared the way for Aguirre to play for the Detroit Pistons tonight against Golden State in Oakland, Calif.

According to terms of the trade, Dantley had 48 hours to report to the Mavericks. Technically, the trade could have been nullified if the Mavericks refused to waive Dantley's reporting deadline.

But Mavericks officials spoke to Dantley's wife, mother, and his agent, David Falk, and were assured Dantley planned to join the Mavericks, probably next week.

All three told the Mavericks that Dantley needed time to recover from news of the trade.

"We respect Adrian Dantley and respect his desire to be left alone for a few days and come here as soon as it is practical," said Mavericks general manager Norm Sonju.

"We'd love for him to be here tomorrow. But that's not going to happen."

Sonju said Dantley's family indicated the NBA's 10th all-time leading scorer was looking forward to joining his new team and was willing to play hard.

Dantley's wife, Dinitri, told The Dallas Morning News that Dantley was hurt by the trade.

"Sure he is," said Dinitri Dantley from the couple's home in suburban Washington, D.C. "Wouldn't you be?"

Dantley's mother, Virginia Dantley, told The Morning News that Pistons point guard and team leader Isiah Thomas was directly responsible for the trade. Thomas and Aguirre have been friends since their childhood in Chicago.