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A Hunter Junior High School eighth-grader was hostess last week for a series of four videotaped programs on Showtime, a premium cable television channel.

Kelsi Osborn, 14, daughter of David and Robyn Osborn, was one of four youths from throughout the nation chosen for the honor.Kelsi and her parents were guests of the network in New York City during the time required for taping the shows.

Auditions for the televised programs took Showtime network staff to Salt Lake City and nine other U.S. cities, with thousands of youths trying out last fall and winter to host a series of family oriented programs.

Kelsi, who enjoys performing with three sisters, Kristyn, 18; Kassidy, 12; and Karli, 4, performed a Judy Garland song, "You Made Me Love You," during her audition. Last week the three sang at Disneyland.

Kelsi performs nearly every week with Kassidy; the two girls have won numerous talent and other contests. They sang at the National Rodeo Finals last December in Las Vegas and perform at conventions and other gatherings throughout Utah.

Kelsi starred as Annie in the 1987 Sundance Theater presentation by the same name and in Hale Theater's "Sleeping Beauty."

"Although all of our children seem to enjoy music studies, Kelsi's thirst for performing seems almost unquenchable. She used to drive everyone crazy on family vacations by serenading us for hours at a time. That's when we decided to get her some formal training," Mrs. Osborn said.