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Hank Williams Jr. may have lost quite a few fans in Baton Rouge, La., Saturday night. Williams cursed the crowd of 6,500, failed to finish his songs, chucked his fiddle in the air and stumbled off after only 20 minutes on stage.

Not only did the people demand their money back, they burned their Hank Jr. T-shirts. Sheriff's deputies seized Williams' private plane at the airport until his agents agreed to pay $65,000 to reimburse people for tickets, pay expenses and pay the Centroplex arena a profit.Williams eventually went home to Nashville Sunday, and publicist Kent Arwood explained the incident by saying it was caused by "a personal problem with Hank. It has nothing whatsoever to do with alcoholism or anything else like that."

Councilman Doug Wellborn was at the disastrous show and said he will push for a motion forbidding Williams from playing Baton Rouge again unless he apologizes.