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Actress Kim Basinger says her recent purchase of Braselton, Ga., for $20 million makes her feel like "Barbara Stanwyck in the Big Valley."

"I'm Big Daddy now. I mean, I'm Big Mama. I just bought me a town," she said in an interview in June's Vanity Fair magazine.Basinger, 35, bought Braselton, population 500, in March with a group of investors. The town had been owned by the Braselton family for 113 years and is near Basinger's hometown of Athens.

For her money, she got the town's water and sewer system, an industrial park, a shopping center, a few small businesses and about 50 homes.

The interview did not directly address rumors that she will use the town as the site of a movie production company or turn it into a tourist center.

But Basinger did point out that "the town is 25 minutes from an airport. It's 53 miles from Atlanta."

Half-joking, she added: "See, I want it to be like Dollywood. What do you think of the name Kimwood?"

Basinger's purchase has generated an incredible response from investors and developers and boosted property values, said Gary Guyer, the actress' brother-in-law and investment adviser.

"It was strictly a business decision - 100 percent business," said Guyer. "We had no idea there would be that much publicity worldwide."