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Guy Williams, the American actor who portrayed the masked Latin hero of the television series "Zorro," was found dead in his apartment where he apparently died of natural causes, police said Sunday. He was 65.

Williams' body was found Saturday night by officials after neighbors complained of odors coming from his apartment in the La Recoleta neighborhood.Williams was believed to have died five days earlier, police said. A preliminary forensic report said Williams, who played the masked populist hero Don Diego de la Vega in the popular Walt Disney television series "Zorro," died of natural causes.

"Forensic doctors are trying to determine the cause of death, but preliminarily there was no indication found that a crime such as murder was committed," a police spokesman said. "Preliminarily we should say that it looks like a natural death."

Neighbors of the actor said police found the body "nude and next to the bed" and in a state of decomposition.

News reports in Buenos Aires said the actor had lived in the city for 10 years and had stayed in the apartment where his body was found for about five years.

"Zorro" was a briefly popular adventure series that ran on ABC from 1957-59. Set in California in the 1820s, it featured a mysterious masked rider who defended the weak and left his mark - an initial "Z" - carved by his sword.

Williams also appeared in the CBS science fiction series "Lost In Space" from 1965-68.