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Utah's fifth annual Hunger Sabbath is scheduled to run through Sunday, May 20. Members in all denominations and churches statewide are being asked to observe the three-day event, which began Friday, in one of three specific ways, according to organizers.

Jeff Fox of Crossroads Urban Center said the three-step approach for Hunger Sabbath this year includes:-Participation in the annual CROP WALK, which will be held today beginning at Liberty Park at 9:30 a.m. Money raised during the event will go to international, national and local hunger relief efforts.

-A call for food donations. Many churches around the state will hold special Hunger Sabbath services geared around the problem of hunger and ask members to bring donations of food, to be given to the local food pantry. Organizers are also asking home gardeners to grow an extra row of food for the poor.

-A concerted effort to get citizens to call their state legislators and the governor and request a special legislative session "to address unmet human needs. A special session call is of particular importance because of critical human services neglected during the regular session," Fox said. The theme of this year's observance, "Hunger for Justice," addresses this aspect of the Hunger Sabbath weekend.

Organizers say the event usually gets a lot of publicity along the Wasatch Front, but they're asking congregations in other areas of the state to help with the observance and donate the food to a pantry in the local area.

The project is one of several held annually to collect food in what are traditionally the leaner summer months, when many families and groups are vacationing and food supplies dwindle. Others include "Share the Harvest," where home gardeners are encouraged to share their home-grown fruits and vegetables, and "Can-Do," a canned-food drive sponsored by the Girl Scouts.

Crossroads Urban Center is a major sponsor of Hunger Sabbath, which has traditionally cut across denominational lines to help the hungry. For information, call Jeff Fox at 364-7765.