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Excuse Andre Agassi if he doesn't wear black tie. Or, for that matter, proper tennis whites.

In fact, Agassi says he may boycott Grand Slam tournaments if a proposal for a strict dress code is adopted.While the No. 3 seed at the French Open was trouncing qualifier Arnaud Boetsch of France 6-3, 6-2, 6-0 Friday, French Tennis Federation president Philippe Chatrier issued a statement saying tournament organizers are "bothered" by Agassi's tennis wear and are considering a "predominatly white" dress code for Grand Slam events.

"Somebody doesn't like me," Agassi laughed, when informed of the statement. "The idea is to make tennis enjoyable for people. Why don't they take a survey? Instead of asking some old guy behind a desk."

Agassi's bright pink cycling shorts, worn under black denim shorts with a multicolored shirt have made him the most outlandishly dressed player on the tour.

Agassi, ranked No. 5 on the ATP Tour, said Wimbledon's strict dress code is one reason he has skipped the Grand Slam event the last two years.

Chatrier, who is also president of the International Tennis Federation, said the French Open may adopt Wimbledon's dress code, which requires predominantly white outfits.

Chatrier's statement said if fashion becomes too extreme at the French Open, and "if players go too far, a decision will have to be made. Nothing can be done this year, but some committee members were bothered by Agassi's outfits, for example."

"You should see my next outfit if you think this one's wild," Aagassi said.