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Simple Pleasure is a frozen dessert with the new all-natural discovery Simplesse that is made from egg whites and skim milk and contains no fat. The dessert (which can't be called ice cream because it has no cream) will come in six flavors: chocolate, strawberry, peach, rum raisin, toffee crunch and coffee. The suggested retail price is $2.29 for a pint.

Kay Hadley: "Simple Pleasure with Simplesse is all natural and simply wonderful! The texture is smooth, creamy and not excessively rich. It is not low in calories but has less than one gram of fat. We tried several flavors, but our favorites were the peach and the toffee crunch. We hope that as this product gains wider consumer use, the cost will come down. And we heartily recommend it."Don Russell: "We give a thumbs up to Simple Pleasure's chocolate flavor and a thumbs down to the strawberry. The chocolate was creamy, rich and tasty while the strawberry was rather bland and tasted like buttermilk. This new dairy dessert is fun to try and non-fat, but don't let it fool you that it doesn't have plenty of calories and sugar.

Doris Wilding: "Around our home ice cream is considered one of the basic food groups. But lately I haven't bought it as much because of the fat content. What a great treat to test something that is fat-free and tastes SOOOOO good! I must admit that some of the Simple Pleasure flavors we didn't care for were rum raisin (only my husband liked it) and coffee (thumbs down from everyone). The peach, strawberry and toffee crunch were wonderful.

"The cost will prevent us from having it on hand all the time, but I will be buying this again."

Judy Slack Hedrick: "This is THE stuff. With no fat in it, I feel like I can eat it without feeling guilty. This isn't the ice cream I would buy for my children, it's too expensive. But they don't have to worry about fat. I don't care how much it costs, I would buy it for me!"

Edyth Jensen: "Out of the six flavors we tried, four of them were good enough to try again. The coffee and rum raisin leave a bit to be desired. They are still as smooth and creamy as the rest, but we didn't like the taste. The strawberry and peach, with the fruit pieces were delectable. The toffee crunch is very good also. In fact, the main problem we had with the four flavors we liked is that the cost is so high it won't be in our budget very often if at all."

Linda C. Tingey: "Wow! Is this good! Expensive, but good. All my family came by so we all got spoons and dug in. The flavors were wonderful! I can't eat fats, so I was thrilled to find `ice cream' that will stay with me. This was more than `simple pleasure!' "

Conclusion: Another cliche shattered! You can have your cake and eat it, too. Simple Pleasure is a smooth, delicious frozen dessert that tastes like the richest premium ice cream but with no fat. The cost is a bit dear, but don't you wish you'd bought stock in Monsanto now?

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