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Q. Has Kelly McGillis quit acting?

A. She's been temporarily detained as a new mother. McGillis had a daughter in June (her husband is yacht-broker Fred Tillman), and on her doctor's advice she stopped working early in her pregnancy. After her marvelous performances in "Witness" and "Top Gun," McGillis had less luck with her subsequent movies, which either weren't very successful or never made it to the screen. She was starring in a Washington, D.C., production of Shakespeare's "Twelfth Night" when she learned she was pregnant.Q. Are Bette Davis and Joan Crawford sisters? I say yes, my friends say no. - M.B., Newton, Pa.

A. The ladies played sisters in the black comedy "Whatever Happened to Baby Jane" but that's it. Their dislike of each other was legend in Hollywood and the making of the movie was a tough chore for the director, Robert Aldrich.

Q. What are my chances of getting the video of the 1948 Montgomery Clift movie "The Search"? I've been to every video story in town with no luck. - Mrs. B.B., Garden Grove, Calif.

A. Currently, "The Search" is not on tape. Not all movies are on video tape but more and more are being released. Keep checking.

Q. I saw the movie "The Best Years of Our Lives" recently. A young man in it had no hands. Several months ago, I saw a "Trapper John, M.D." rerun and there was a doctor with no hands. I said it was the same man. My son says absolutely not. - L.W., Carlotte, N.C.

A. Both roles were played by Harold Russell, now 76. A World War II veteran who had lost his hands while an Army demolition instructor, Russell was cast in 1946's "Years" and won two Oscars (best supporting actor and special achievement.) He didn't pursue his acting career. Instead, he became spokesman and worker for the handicapped. The same year he did "Trapper John," 1981, he made the feature film "Inside Moves." Those are his most recent acting credits.

Q. Last Sunday, I watched "Back to the Beach." Are Annette Funicello and Frankie Avalon married? How many children do they have? - Mrs. J.J., Beaumont, Texas.

A. They're married but not to each other. Avalon and his wife Kay have 8 children. Funicello has three children by her first husband, agent Jack Gilardi.

Q. Give some statistics on Vic Damone: age and what part of Italy he's from? - J.L.F., Allen Park, Mich.

A. Damone, real name Vito Farinola, is a Brooklyn, N.Y, boy, born Jan. 12, 1928. He's been singing for his supper since he was teenager. He had hit records and several TV shows in the 1950s and 1960s, then, after his career faded in the 1970s, he filed for bankruptcy. His finances and career turned around in the 1980s. He's married to Diahann Carroll and is father of a son and three daughters by his first two wives. (No. 1 was actress Pier Angeli.)

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