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A missionary for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints was killed in a March 6 shooting incident in Peru, a church spokesman said Thursday.

The death marks the third in six months among Peruvian natives serving LDS missions in their own country and the fifth missionary killed in Latin America in the past two years.Oscar Zapata, 20, a native of Piura, Peru, was shot soon after getting off a bus in the remote mountain town of Tarma. He was with another missionary, also a Peruvian, at the time of the shooting, according to local police, and had been serving in the Peru Lima East Mission just two weeks at the time of his death.

Church spokesman L. Don LeFevre said the release of information about the shooting death was delayed because of the time involved with getting information out of the remote area.

There are no suspects or other information about the shooting, he said. No one saw where the shot came from, and police in Peru have been questioning residents of nearby buildings, a church news release said.

Two other Peruvians serving LDS missions in their home country were killed Aug. 22 about 125 miles east of Lima by guerrilla terrorists, who beat the pair and stabbed one before shooting both of them once in the head.

The gunmen left a sign next to the bodies of those missionaries accusing the pair of being imperialists' supporters.

On May 24, 1989, Utah missionaries Jeffery Brent Ball, of Coalville, and Todd Ray Wilson, of Wellington, were killed by gunmen outside the front door of their apartment in La Paz, Bolivia.