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The state's Travel Development director is stepping down as a board member of the Utah Ski Association as a result of conflict-of-interest concerns raised earlier this year.

Jay Woolley said he is mailing the association a letter of resignation Monday. The resignation applies to both his membership on the association's board of directors and on a committee of its marketing arm, Ski Utah Inc.Although he was told by the state attorney general's office in April that holding the positions may go beyond what the law describing his duties allows, Woolley said he didn't decide to leave the industry posts until last week.

"I hadn't given it any thought. There were no contracts pending. I put the opinion on the shelf and didn't even think about it," Woolley said. After a discussion last Thursday with Gov. Norm Bangerter, he said he made up his mind.

"We don't want to have any appearance or any possible appearance of a conflict of interest. That's a policy of this administration and I think it's a good one," Woolley said.

The attorney general's office issued the opinion at Woolley's request following charges he had a conflict of interest in helping to select Ski Utah as the recipient of a $60,000 state printing contract.

Those charges, raised by an unsuccessful bidder for the contract, resulted in a new evaluation. Ski Utah was awarded the three-year contract by a second committee that did not include Woolley.