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Jimmy Connors became the first man to play 100 singles matches at Wimbledon, and he celebrated by winning in straight sets.

Connors, 38, demolished fellow American Aaron Krickstein 6-3, 6-2, 6-3 on Saturday to move into the third round of a tournament he won in 1974, at age 21, and in 1982, when he was 29.Connors downplayed the milestone.

"It was business as usual," he said. "If you start thinking about things like that you put extra pressure on yourself. You don't need pressure like that."

If it hadn't been for repeated rain delays, Connors probably would have reached the century mark three days ago. He waited five days to play his 99th Wimbledon match against Finland's Veli Paloheimo before beating him in straight sets Friday.

Connors, who had a wild card into the tournament, missed much of last year after an operation to repair a wrist injury and slipped down the ranking because of inactivity.

Reaching the third round of the French Open, he took 19-year-old Michael Chang to a fifth set but had to pull out because of exhaustion.

Players usually have a rest day between games but the rain delays have meant they are playing almost every day.

"I can't say exactly how long I can hold up," Connors said. "But if called on to play, I will. That's what I do."

Connors is doing double duty at Wimbledon as a commentator for NBC Sports.

"I've got 15 minutes before I go on the air," he said at his post-match news conference. "The tennis is finished for the day. Now it's time to go to work."