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"Backdraft" retained enough box office heat to hold the top box office spot for the second consecutive weekend, but megabudget thriller "Hudson Hawk" faded early in the summer movie season.

The firefighter drama "Backdraft," pairing Kurt Russell and William Baldwin, collected $9.1 million, its earnings sliding 42 percent from its Memorial Day premiere, according to figures released by Entertainment Data Inc.Ticket sales for "Hudson Hawk" fell a catastrophic 56 percent in the movie's second weekend. The comic crime caper - starring Bruce Willis as a singing cat burglar - earned $3.1 million to take sixth place. It cost $51 million to make.

In second place was "Soapdish," a behind-the-scenes soap opera spoof, which debuted with ticket sales of $6.7 million.

"What About Bob?" a comedy with Bill Murray as a psychiatric patient described as "human Krazy Glue," was third with sales of $6.4 million.

"Thelma and Louise," a panoramic road movie starring Geena Davis and Susan Sarandon as fugitive friends, held steady in fourth place on receipts of $4.2 million. "Only the Lonely," a comedy from the makers of "Home Alone," remained in fifth with a gross of $3.6 million.

"Hudson Hawk" was sixth and "Drop Dead Fred," a teen comedy, was seventh on proceeds of $2.4 million. The special-effects sequel "FX 2" took eighth with a gate of $1.5 million.

"Home Alone" was ninth with $1.42 million worth of tickets, and "Stone Cold" collected $1.41 million for 10th place.

Here are the top movie ticket sales according to Entertainment Data:

1. "Backdraft," $9.1 million ($28.2 million, two weeks).

2. "Soapdish," $6.7 million (first week).

3. "What About Bob?" $6.4 million ($32.1 million, three weeks).

4. "Thelma and Louise," $4.2 million ($11.9 million, two weeks).

5. "Only the Lonely," $3.6 million ($10.8 million, two weeks).

6. "Hudson Hawk," $3.1 million ($11.6 million, two weeks).

7. "Drop Dead Fred," $2.4 million ($7.1 million, two weeks).

8. "FX 2," $1.5 million ($17.1 million, four weeks).

9. "Home Alone," $1.42 million ($273.4 million, 29 weeks).

10. "Stone Cold," $1.41 million ($7.6 million, three weeks).