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A Massachusetts man who shared a room with Jeffrey Dahmer while the two served in the Army in Germany remembers the confessed serial killer as a gin-swilling "wimp" who seemed incapable of the grisly crimes that have shocked the nation.

David Rodriguez, 31, of Springfield, said he and Dahmer underwent six weeks of first-aid training when they served in an Army medical unit at Baumholder Air Force Base in Germany. But he said the man who has confessed to drugging, strangling and dismembering 11 boys and men in his Milwaukee apartment showed no undue interest in their anatomy classes."It didn't look like he ever took an interest in the anatomy," said Rodriquez, who gave several media interviews Friday.

Rodriquez, then 18, shared a room with Dahmer and six other men for nearly a year in 1979.

Dahmer has admitted that one year earlier, in 1978, he killed a 19-year-old man and buried the body near his parents' home in Coventry, Ohio. That man is believed to have been Dahmer's first victim. Dahmer was 18 at the time.

Authorities in Germany are also investigating five unsolved slayings there to determine whether Dahmer may be involved. He was stationed in Germany from 1979 to 1981.