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The record of John McEnroe's altercations with tennis authorities since he broke into the international circuit in 1977.

June 1977 - Screamed obscenities at French Open line judge while winning mixed doubles final with Mary Carillo, but was not fined.July 1980 - Earned first major warning at Wimbledon for behavior during semifinal against Jimmy Connors.

July 1981 - Fined a total of $6,000 at Wimbledon when he called chair umpire "pits of the world" and told him, "You cannot be serious!" Referee Fred Hoyles said he had come within two tantrums of disqualification during early match against Tom Gulliksen. Defeated Bjorn Borg in a four-set final, but boycotted champions dinner, resulting in another fine. Recommended additional fine of $10,000 overturned on appeal.

May 1983 - Fined $1,000 for calling Czech opponent Tomas Smid a "communist bastard" at Forest Hills event.

June 1983 - Fined $3,500 for clashing with photographer at courtside during French Open.

July 1983 - Fined $325 for swearing at spectator during Wimbledon. Fines during the year totalled $7,500.

May 1984 - Fined $7,500 for misconduct during Stockholm Open.

June 1984 - Accrued fines totalling $3,500 for swearing at linesman and other verbal abuse during match against Connors at French Open.

January 1985 - Dropped from U.S. Davis Cup team after "outrageous behavior" during 1984 final defeat by Sweden.

June 1985 - Loses honorary membership of London's Queen's Club for abusing chairman's wife while practicing. McEnroe later was reinstated.

December 1985 - Fined $3,500 for three separate offenses at Australian Open, culminating with verbal abuse of opponent Slobodan Zivojinovic.

January 1986 - Beaten by Brad Gilbert at Masters finals in New York and fined $1,000 for arguing with spectators.

September 1986 - Received fines totalling $3,500 at U.S. Open after he and partner Peter Fleming were disqualified for arriving late for men's doubles match. Fine broke down to $750 for being late and $2,750 for saying what he thought about the disqualification.

April 1987 - Fined $2,000 for time-wasting during match at WCT event in Dallas.

May 1987 - Fined $4,000 for walking off court during World Cup in Dusseldorf.

September 1987 - Suspended two months and fined $10,000 for various offenses at U.S. Open.

July 1988 - Warned for racket abuse during defeat against Australian Wally Masur at Wimbledon.

July 1989 - Australian John Fitzgerald, a fourth-round loser to McEnroe, accuses him of using tantrums to put off opponents.

January 1990 - Thrown out of Australian Open and fined $6,500 after receiving third warning for misbehavior against Mikael Pernfors.

April 1991 - McEnroe admits own behavior on court "sickens me" after receiving a code violation and point penalty during defeat by fellow American Todd Witsken in Hong Kong.

July 1991 - Fined $10,000 for swearing at linesman in Wimbledon loss against Stefan Edberg, picked up by television microphone.

Total fines - $69,500.