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The man who led authorities to Jeffrey Dahmer testified Friday he escaped from the serial killer's apartment after seeing a head in the refrigerator and a hand Dahmer had taken from a filing cabinet.

Tracy Edwards said Dahmer chanted while the two watched an "Exorcist" movie, and laid his head on Edwards' chest to listen to his heartbeat."He told me he would eat my heart at that point," Edwards said.

Before Edwards took the stand in Dahmer's sanity trial, a policeman testified that Dahmer was so worn out by his killing spree that he sometimes left naked corpses lying about his apartment and had sex with them before finding the energy to dismember and dispose of them.

"He was just too exhausted," Detective Dennis Murphy testified. "He just let them lay there."

Dahmer saved most of the victims' heads so their lives "would not be a total loss," Murphy said.

"He stated he felt evil and thoroughly corrupt, body and soul, because of the horrible crimes he had committed against people," Murphy said.

"It will be me that has to stand before God and admit to my wrongdoings, and he will know if I was truthful and honest when I was caught," Murphy quoted Dahmer as saying.

"He stated that every time he would try to overcome his feelings of wanting to kill and dismember people, they would haunt and overcome him just like an addiction," the officer said.

Dahmer told police he sometimes kissed the bodies and had sex with them, but never left them uncut in the apartment for more than two days. He always disrobed before butchering them, Murphy said.

"The job of cutting and dismembering his victims was quite messy, and he did not want to get blood and body fluids on his clothing," Murphy said.

Edwards, who led police to Dahmer after his July 22 escape, said under cross-examination that he saw a head in Dahmer's refrigerator and a hand Dahmer removed from a filing cabinet. "He made me look in the refrigerator," Edwards said.

Dahmer's father and stepmother, Lionel and Shari Dahmer, were in the courtroom Friday afternoon. "We will not be making a statement for a very long time. This isn't easy for us," Mrs. Dahmer said.