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To the editor:

Over the past month, the Deseret News has carried several articles on the assassination of President John F. Kennedy. The majority of these were written by people against both the movie "JFK" and a proposed reopening of the investigation into Kennedy's death. None of the articles carried by your paper has carried a detailed examination of the specific facts regarding a conspiracy.After 28 years, what's all the fuss about the JFK assassination? A person not yet born at the time of the assassination recently said, "After 28 years, what's the big deal about finding out who shot John F. Kennedy?"

What the fuss is all about is that when they shot at John Fitzgerald Kennedy, they shot at each one of us. Was it an assassination or a coup d'etat? These are the questions that are before the American public at this time.

It is time for a real investigation, made up of members of Congress, the CIA, the FBI and people researching the death of JFK like Oliver Stone, Jim Garrison and Mark Lane. Let us finally open up all of the files and see where the corn lays on the plate.

Utah is known as a "retirement capital" for retired CIA, FBI and other government agents. Perhaps somewhere in the valleys of Utah is a retired agent who knows the truth and whose conscience is pricked by the pangs of hearts across America seeking to have the truth come out.

Utah also is known as a major relocation area for the Federal Witness Protection Program. Maybe one of those people could enlighten us to the truth.

Kyle Kopitke

Salt Lake City