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About 350 U.N. peacekeepers Monday fanned out into war zones in Croatia to prepare for the deployment next month of a 14,000-member force to keep a fragile peace.

Muslims, Serbs and Croats in the central republic of Bosnia-Herce-govina, meanwhile, resumed European Community-sponsored talks aimed at averting violent conflict. The republic has been shaken by outbursts of violence in recent weeks as Muslim, Serb and Croat leaders seek agreement on its political future.In neighboring Croatia, meanwhile, a tenuous 10-week-old cease-fire has continued to hold. Thousands died in a civil war that broke out in the republic after it declared independence in June.

The advance U.N. peacekeepers headed Monday to the four Serb-held regions in Croatia where the main force will be posted.

Indian Gen. Satish Nambiar, commander of the force, on Sunday told his men in launching the operation that "a very delicate mission" lay ahead.

The force of 14,000, which is to be in place by April 25, is to separate warring Serbs and Croats until a negotiated settlement is reached.

The U.N. peace plan provides for the withdrawal of the Serb-dominated federal army and Croatia's defense forces from the regions, and the disarming of militias.

No major violations of the U.N.-brokered truce were reported by nightfall Sunday.