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Little Cottonwood Creek Valley

This two square-mile community is defined by the Little Cottonwood Creek. The community is nestled between two bluffs. Residents have been successful in preserving the residential nature of the valley with estate-type homes and no commercial development.The area has a large percentage of owner-occupied homes and two-thirds of its population under age 18. Seventy-six percent of homes are filled with traditional mom and pop families.

Origin of community's name: Obviously, the community derives its name from the creek that winds its way through the neighborhood. The name cottonwood was used by early pioneers because of cottonwood trees in the general area.

Did you know? The area historically dates back to the Union Fort era and is home to a historic pioneer cemetery. The area was once home to large vegetable farms, but those have given way to residential development.

Community/neighborhood organizations

Little Cottonwood Creek Valley Community Council.


Willow Creek Country Club and Golf Course, pioneer cemetery


2 informal diamonds

1 soccer/football field

2 tennis courts

1 swimming pool

Crestwood Park is planned for future development

Incorporation vote

None. Sandy has annexed portions of the valley through the years.

Median home price


Household size

3.41 persons per household

Median age




White 4,957

Black 1

American Indian 8

Asian and Pacific Is. 48

Hispanic 70

Sources: Little Cottonwood Creek Valley Community Council, State Data Center, U.S. Census Bureau, Salt Lake County Parks and Recreation and Public Works Department, "Utah Place Names" by John W. Van Cott.