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Development of a hotel/apartment complex in southwest Orem moved closer to reality Tuesday.

ABP Investments, comprised of the principal owners of WordPerfect, has proposed a hotel, professional office, extended-stay hotel and two apartment complexes at approximately 400 West and 1300 South. Most of the proposed project already sits on land zoned for commercial development.But ABP Investments needed to have the master plan changed for the back half of its property, where it is proposing to develop a 147-unit student apartment complex and 54-unit extended-stay hotel.

ABP Investments is made up of Alan Ashton, Bruce Bastian and Pete Peterson, founders of WordPerfect.

The council unanimously approved that request, amending the master plan from low-density residential to highway services between 400 West and Sandhill Road and 1300 and 1500 South.

ABP representative Randy Deschamps has shown the city a bare concept plan that identifies only general locations of proposed projects on the 26.4-acre site. Before construction can begin, ABP must come back before the city's Planning Commission and City Council for a zone change and site-plan approval.

Residents living near the proposed development want 400 West and 1600 South to remain unconnected so traffic from the project doesn't filter through their neighborhoods. That wouldn't be a problem, according to Deschamps.

But city staff believe the two roads should be connected to handle traffic in the area.

ABP will wait for traffic studies to be completed before proceeding with the student apartment complex; if traffic can't be adequately accommodated, ABP won't proceed with the student complex, Deschamps said.

Pressed by council member Judy Bell about whether ABP plans to develop the 200-unit hotel first, Deschamps said: "It's a real good idea."