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Five-year-old Jared Lee Peters spoke to his mother for the first time in 19 months early Saturday morning. He told her he had looked for her everywhere he went and he knew his grandmother had taken him away.

Jared's grandmother, Patricia Farmer, 60, was arrested Saturday in Salt Lake City by FBI agents and Salt Lake County deputy sheriffs. A viewer had recognized Jared on the television show "Unsolved Mysteries" and notified authorities.The boy was taken from New Mexico in December 1990, said Lt. Les Dudley of the Lea County Sheriff's Department in New Mexico. The reunion with his mother, Ladonna Morrow of Lovington, N.M., occurred Saturday after officers arrested Farmer, who is Morrow's mother.

Dudley told the Deseret News that Farmer failed to return Jared from a court-appointed visit 19 months ago because she believed her daughter was abusing the boy and was involved in satanic worship.

Before the child was taken, New Mexico authorities conducted an investigation that included meetings with the boy and home visits. They found nothing to make them think the child was abused, Dudley said.

"However, until the day she dies, Patricia will think she did the right thing," he added.

Since that time the story has been broadcast on "Unsolved Mysteries" twice and on "The Maury Povich Show."

The first time "Unsolved Mysteries" aired it, Farmer must have seen the promo the night before, Dudley said. People in Louisiana recognized Farmer and her grandson the night the show ran in its entirety, but by then Farmer had picked up and moved.

New Mexico authorities believe she has lived in Mississippi, Texas, Utah and maybe two other states since that time, Dudley said.

A few months after Jared was reported missing, Farmer met up with another daughter, who was 16 and listed as a runaway, and the girl's boyfriend. They all lived together in some of the locations, Dudley said. But in the Salt Lake area the two youths lived with Jared in Kearns and the grandmother lived on the other side of the valley, Dudley said.

Farmer's younger daughter refused to give details about the incident. She said she and her mother have been living in Salt Lake City since December 1991. "My mother is not a crazy lady - she had good reasons for what she did. I just don't want to say anything that could end up hurting her."

The boy was in good condition Saturday when FBI agents and deputy sheriffs arrested Farmer.

Dudley said New Mexico officials are waiting to see if Farmer fights extradition before they take further action. She is being held in the Salt Lake County Jail for investigation of custodial interference and kidnapping charges.