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Salt Lake County Attorney David Yocom is among dozens marked for death by the late polygamist leader Ervil LeBaron, some of whose children were charged last month in four Texas slayings.

In 400 pages of religious ramblings from his prison cell at Utah State Prison, the militant polygamist left instructions for exterminating enemies and those who turned away from him as their prophet.The text, titled The Book of the New Covenant, will be introduced as evidence against the LeBaron clan in the Texas murders, said Terry Clark, assistant U.S. attorney in Houston.

Only about 20 copies of the book were published and are now held by LeBaron faithful.

Yocom prosecuted Ervil LeBaron on murder charges in the killing of polygamist rival leader Rulon Allred in 1977. Years after LeBaron died in prison of a heart attack in 1981, it was rumored that he left a hit list.

While investigators had obtained a copy of the book, it did not mean much to them until the October 1987 killing of Daniel Ben Jordan in Sanpete County. Jordan was named as a "son of perdition" in the book, along with Ed Marsden and Mark and Duane Chynoweth, who were killed in Texas in June 1989, along with Duane's 8-year-old daughter Jennifer.

"When all those killings went down in Houston, we were pretty nervous," said Yocom. "My investigator and another police officer were named, too. But I don't want their names published. When you tell them they are in the book, it makes them nervous."

While LeBaron damned Yocom, the fundamentalist leader told another lawyer, Brian Barnard, that he would anoint him attorney general in God's kingdom on earth.

Barnard was the contract attorney at the Utah State Prison at the time of LeBaron's incarceration. The attorney helped LeBaron win visitation rights for his six wives.