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Arrow Dynamics Inc., a company that has designed many unusual roller coaster-type rides for various amusement parks, has been hired by Circus Circus Enterprises Inc. to design and manufacture several one-of-a-kind attractions for the new Circus Circus Grand Slam Canyon in Las Vegas.

Scheduled to open in July 1993, the five-acre theme park has as its anchor ride an Arrow double-looping, corkscrew roller coaster designed around an Arrow shoot-the-chute rapids ride.Larry Hays, marketing and sales director for Arrow, said the rides will be unique because the scenic park will be covered by a vented space-frame dome that will maintain the same temperature all year.

Visitors will be able to ride on river rapids and then plunge over a 50-foot waterfall on the chutes/rapids ride. The corkscrew roller coaster will travel around and over the top of the water ride and go around 140-foot peaks, a 90-foot Havasupai Falls and be near a raging river.

Arrow also has been hired to design and build two other specialized systems for the new Luxor Hotel owned by Circus Circus that will open in the fall of 1993.