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Brigham Young University football player Byron Rex called a Honolulu radio station Tuesday to apologize to University of Hawaii fans for his actions in Saturday's game with the Rainbows.

Rex waved the football in the face of UH safety Bryan Addison after scoring a touchdown to give BYU a 30-29 lead with 5:01 to play. Rex then shouted profanities and spat at fans.The 'Bows got the last laugh, however, when they scored with 37 seconds to win 36-32.

Rex called radio station KSSK to say his actions were made in the emotional heat of the game and weren't at all reflective of his personality.

"I just want to apologize to the people of Hawaii because that goes completely against my nature to do something like that," he said.

BYU says it will take disciplinary action against Rex, and that the matter is being handled internally.


An Open Letter:

I would like to publicly apologize for my conduct at the BYU vs. Hawaii football game. I realize that I am representing Brigham Young University and my actions should be in accordance with the teachings and beliefs that make this university so unique. I cannot defend my actions; such conduct is never appropriate. Unfortunately I got caught up in the fierce intensity of the moment and lost control.

Being a student at BYU, as well as a member of the LDS Church, I realize the importance of being an example at all time. I disappointed many people Saturday and I feel extremely sorry. My conduct on the field completely went against the way I have been taught, both by my family and the coaches.

I sincerely apologize for any embarrassment I may have caused my family, the BYU coaches, team, fans, and the university itself. I'm proud to be a part of such a respected football program, and I hope you will not blame them for my lack of discretion. I have learned my lesson well and will, in the future, maintain a decorum befitting this university.


Byron Rex