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Federal authorities have been called in to help solve the killing of a Burley man whose body was found dismembered in June.

The Cassia County Sheriff's Department made the request after a Salt Lake TV station aired a videotape Aug. 10, tying the slaying to possible occult activity.In the tape, an unidentified local woman who said she was a member of a cult stated she knew a slaying would occur near the end of June.

Benito Ruiz Carabeo's dismembered body was found in garbage bags in the desert.

Two brothers, Luis Rodriguez, 24, and Anastacio Rodriguez, 25, who were living with Carabeo, were charged with the slaying. Police believe they have fled to Mexico.

On the TV report, the woman said the cult had signed a blood oath to commit a "great sacrifice."

Television reporter Paul Murphy said the station did not pay for her videotape.

However, Cassia County Sheriff Billy Crystal said he doubts there is any connection to cult activity in the slaying, adding he did not know how credible the tape was.

Pathologist Kerry Patterson found in Carabeo's autopsy that the spinal column was cut out when he was decapitated.

Spinal columns also were removed during a mass cult slaying in Matamoros, Mexico, in 1989.

Because of the similarity, Crystal said federal agencies are being contacted for any help in determining if there could be a link with satanism.

Detective Dave Tracy said he believes Carabeo was killed as a result of a dispute over rent. Another roommate said the Rodriguez brothers had been drinking heavily.

Cassia County is working with the Mexican Consulate in Salt Lake City to try to track down the Rodriguez brothers.

In another case, an infant dubbed "Baby X" was found mutiliated and burned near the Minidoka County landfill in 1989.