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Same set, same exhortation: "Fight the real enemy!" But this time it was Joey Buttafuoco, not the pope, whose picture got shredded. And it was Madonna, not Sinead O'Connor, doing the shredding.

Madonna, appearing on "Saturday Night Live" this weekend, belted out "Bad Girl" from her "Erotica" album, then ripped up an 8-by-10 of Buttafuoco as she echoed the words that got O'Connor in so much hot water.Buttafuoco is the alleged lover of Amy Fisher, the Long Island teenager who shot Buttafuoco's wife. Three television movies have been made about the case and Madonna's performance Saturday night appeared to be intended in fun.

O'Connor appeared deadly serious when she tore up a picture of Pope John Paul II during the Oct. 3 episode of NBC's "Saturday Night Live," shocking viewers and producers alike.

The Irish singer said she was protesting Roman Catholic dogma. Madonna said at the time that O'Connor's irreverence went too far.