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There's no title on the line and forget about a big payday.

It's history that will be made when Dallas Malloy and Heather Poyner step into the ring Oct. 30.The bout will be the first U.S. sanctioned amateur boxing event between two women, Malloy's lawyer said Tuesday.

It took the efforts of 16-year-old Malloy, her lawyer, the American Civil Liberties Union and a federal judge to get sanctioning for the fight.

"I'm really happy that this day has finally come," Malloy told a news conference. "I'm really excited and I can't wait till Oct. 30."

The bout at Edmonds Community College will pit Malloy, a high school sophomore from Bellingham, against 21-year-old Poyner, of Lynden.

Malloy's path to the ring was blocked when USA Boxing, the body that governs amateur boxing in the United States, refused to send her an application because she is female. Without membership in the parent organization, Malloy could not compete in the Pacific Northwest Amateur Boxing Association.

Malloy sued and in May, U.S. District Judge Barbara Rothstein of Seattle granted a preliminary injunction allowing Malloy to box, paving the way for the Oct. 30 fight that was announced Tuesday.

Rothstein held that a USA Boxing bylaw barring female fighters violated Washington state's anti-discrimination laws.

A trial is scheduled for Dec. 20, but Malloy's lawyer, Suzanne Thomas, said she had received an unofficial report that the governing body of USA Boxing met last weekend and voted to establish a boxing program for women.

"We believe (Malloy) has paved the way nationwide for women to participate in boxing," Thomas said.

Malloy and Poyner will compete in the 139-pound junior welterweight division.

Malloy said she hoped one day to box in the Olympics but has no interest in fighting men.

Malloy's trainer Jim Ferguson said the fighters will use protective gear used by women in the Canadian boxing program. There are about 100 women in Canada who box regularly in amateur competition, he said.