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LaToya Jackson, the outcast of the famed musical family, did more than incur the wrath of her relatives for what she is saying about her pop superstar brother, Michael, and his relationships with young boys.

After LaToya Jackson was interviewed Thursday on the "Today" show by Katie Couric, co-host Bryant Gumbel said he was "speechless."Talking with Couric, Gumbel said, "She's kind of pathetic, isn't she?"

"She really craves attention," he added.

Couric appeared to be uncomfortable with Gumbel's off-the-cuff commentary. She responded that she didn't know enough about the Jackson family to say such things.

In the course of the interview from Tel Aviv, Israel, LaToya seemed to contradict more direct accusations she voiced in an earlier news conference there.

In the news conference she said she believed Michael Jackson has committed "crimes against little children" and implied that he paid their parents huge sums of hush money.

But questioned specifically by Couric, LaToya Jackson said she had no evidence about such abuse nor did she have any supporting her view that money given to the families was intended to cover up any crime.