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Kanab City Police Chief Bill Blasdale has resigned after a Kanab couple registered a formal complaint with the Kane County sheriff's office accusing the Blasdale of criminal trespassing and voyeurism.

Blasdale said the allegations had nothing to do with his resignation.Sheriff Max Jackson said there is an ongoing investigation into the allegations. No charges have been filed.

Blasdale stepped down during a Wednesday City Council meeting, said Councilwoman Rosalie Coleman, who declined to comment further. Blasdale had been chief for eight years.

In his resignation letter, Blasdale cited frustrations in the job and lack of city support as his reasons for leaving his post. In a telephone interview, Blasdale said, "The allegations are totally bull."

City attorney Van Mackelprang said city police officer Doug Crosby has been appointed as interim chief. Mackelprang does not expect a new police chief to be hired until June, when the city adopts a new budget.