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Dear Abby: As we know all too well, people are robbed, raped or murdered every day because someone left a window unlocked - or a door open.

A week ago, a mother and her 11-year-old child were both raped on my block. That very night, my 16-year-old son had left his window open and our back door unlocked.This morning, he left the front door unlocked. Nothing I can do can make him wise up to the potential danger of his carelessness. He loses his house keys about once a month.

Also, I am pretty sure it was one of his friends who stole all our Christmas presents out of our house.

- Indiana Mom

Dear Mom: If you are "pretty sure" one of your son's friends stole your Christmas presents, it's time to have a long, serious talk with him about the kinds of friends he has. At 16, your son is still a minor and, from what you say, he is far too irresponsible to carry a set of keys to your house.

Since you have not mentioned the boy's father, I am assuming that you are a single mother. Your son needs a "father figure" - someone he respects and will listen to. Is there a male in your family who can be a positive influence in his life? If not, perhaps a clergyperson can help you. Also, there is a well-established and reputable nationwide organization called Big Brothers of America. It should be listed in your local telephone directory. If it is not listed, write to: Big Brothers and Big Sisters of America for the location of a chapter near you. The address is: 230 N. 13th St., Philadelphia, PA 19107. Good luck.

Dear Abby: You wouldn't believe how bored I get listening to people complain that they are overweight. Every time I open a magazine, a diet ad pops out at me. But what about the poor unfortunates who need to gain weight? I've never seen an ad for that (other than steroid ads).

I eat three good high-calorie meals a day, plus unnumbered "good-for-you" snacks, but I'm still what I like to call thin - and what others like to call skinny. I've been to doctors and I have no problems, so they say.

My mom has told me since I was younger that I'd grow out of it. Now she says my legs, hips and arms will fill out after I've had my first child, which I'm not planning to do for at least another five years.

I'm sure all the people who say they wish they could lose weight are saying, "I wish I had your body." Well, they don't have my body. They can always lose weight in some way or another, but how do you gain? Any suggestions? Please answer soon.

- "D" in Whitman, Mass.

Dear "D": I could make many suggestions on how to gain weight, but in the interests of your overall health, the most important one would be to find a well-schooled nutritionist, preferably one who is registered with the American Dietetic Association, for a balanced, healthy diet that will help you put on some pounds.

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