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I am taking issue with the letter in the March 16 Readers' Forum entitled "GOP least likely to heed scripture," by Bruce Christensen Jr.

Since reading Mr. Christensen's letter in which he knocks those in the GOP using the scripture "agree with thine adversary quickly, while thou art in the way with him," I have marveled at the abundance of political and scriptural ignorance.In America, the adversarial process and principle of "checks and balances" keep us from forced compliance with another view. Besides, this scripture is our Savior's counsel to his apostles so they wouldn't land in jail while preaching the gospel (they were not very popular in the government's eyes and thus were prime targets for incarceration).

Additionally, Mr. Christensen accuses the GOP of "hasty condemnation of anyone who dares to disagree with them." I am truly sorry if our enthusiastic defense of principle frightens others. I love the Constitution and will dogmatically "preserve, defend and protect" the true principles contained therein. For this, I do not apologize.

Todd Ray Jensen