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The fourth annual Cover A Jazz Game contest sponsored by the Deseret News is now history and the winner is . . . 14-year-old Adam Edmunds of South Jordan.

Asked why he entered the contest, Edmunds said he tried a couple of years ago and thought it would be cool to do it again. "I've been thinking about what I could say before school every day. I thought up the last line first and then just put everything together. My mom and dad gave me suggestions, but mostly I did it myself," said Edmunds.An eighth grader at South Jordan Middle School, Adam's parents are Gary and Debbie Edmunds. He has one brother and five sisters and plays basketball, golf and football.

"Someday I'd maybe like to be a sports caster or something. If not that, then maybe a doctor," he said.

As the grand prize winner, Adam and his parents will be treated to "very important people" status by the Utah Jazz and the Deseret News as they attend the game this Saturday in the Delta Center to see Phoenix and Utah battle it out under the boards.

The Edmunds will have dinner with Deseret News sports writer Brad Rock in the press room prior to the game. Adam will then have his picture taken with a Jazz player during warm-ups and appear on the Jazz Talk radio show with Dave Blackwell and Steve Klauke. He'll be seated next to Brad Rock on press row during the game while his parents enjoy court-side seats.

After the game, Adam will have a chance to participate in interviews with Jazz players prior to writing a story about the game for the next day's Deseret News.

Ten second-place winners receive Utah Jazz ball caps, and 25 third-place winners receive Deseret News sports-page T-shirts.

All of the other entries qualify as fourth-place winners and will receive a Utah Jazz poster featuring Jeff Malone.

In total, 121 entries were received and prizes will be mailed to the winners. Watch for Adam Edmunds' game story in the Deseret News Sunday, April 18.

Here's Adam's entry:

Season tickets are just too high,

TV, radio . . . say goodbye!

Whether the Jazz win or lose,

You can watch the game in the

Deseret News!



2nd, 3rd place

Ten second place winners receive a Utah Jazz ballcap:

Kevin Wilson, Highland, parents Boyd and Susan Wilson; Brenda Bodily, Centerville, parents Kevin and Renae Bodily; Jessica Butler, Pleasant Grove, parents Stephen and Linda Butler; Matt Swenson, parents William and Susan Cook; Mike Evans, West Valley City, parents Leonard and Yvonna Evans; Tracy VanDenBerghe, parents Gregory and Valorie VanDenBerghe; Jason Sargent, Layton, parents Greg and Julie Sargent; Blake Morgan, Layton, parents Jeff and Marilee Morgan; Derek Reynolds, Orem, parents Wayne and Shirley Reynolds and Jenny VanderToolen, Centerville, parents Rachel VanderToolen.

Twenty five third place winners receive a Deseret News sports page T-shirt:

Brant Strong, Sandy, parents Martin and Susan Strong; Spencer Walsh, Farmington, parents David and Denise Walsh; Brooke Leach, Tooele, parents Brent and Cheryl Leach; Niki Dewey, Jefferson Jr. High, parents Dave and Bonnie Dewey; Shannon Bell, Orem, parents James P. and Kristi Ann Bell; Brianne Petro, Springville, parents Martin and Brenda Petro; Nelson Leach, Tooele, parents Brent and Cheryl Leach; Ben Sharer, Salt Lake City, parents John and Chris Sharer; Denise Poole, Kearns, parents Robert and Janice Poole; Sherrie Carter, Sandy, parents Bill and Darlene Goebel; Jody Nielsen, Kearns, parents Larry and Marsha Nielsen; Kammy Evans, West Valley City, parents Leonard and Yvonna Evans; Ben Curtis, Salt Lake City, parents Davis and Dawn Curtis; Matthew Dean, West Jordan, parents Paul and Christine Dean; Kevin Poole, Kearns, parents Robert and Janice Poole; Amy Whyte, West Jordan, parents Rick and Kathy Whyte; Amy Brown, Salt Lake City, parents Jay and Vernita Brown; Camie Clements, Salt Lake City, parents Scott and Patti Clements; Bobby Latimer, Salt Lake City, parents Layne and Noall Latimer; Megan Morris, Bountiful, parents John and Ann Morris; Jeremy Smith, Murray, parents Craig and Virginia Smith; Steven Ashton, Salt Lake City, parents Ron and Vicki Ashton; Gavin Gough, Salt Lake City, parents Greg and Sharon Gough; Julia Nielsen, Kearns, parents Larry and Marsha Nielsen and Josh Casperson, Sandy, parents Joseph and Lori Casperson.