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Vandals damaged nearly a dozen chapels in the north and central areas of Davis County over the weekend, smashing windows and plugging door locks with glue. Cars in some cities were also damaged, according to police.

The vandals targeted chapels of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints in Farmington, Kaysville, Layton, Clinton and Clearfield, according to police.In most instances, they only damaged the buildings, but two LDS chapels in Kaysville were entered, according to Police Chief Dave Helquist. Entering a building elevates the seriousness of the crime from criminal mischief to burglary, Helquist said, although in both instances nothing was reported missing.

The damage spree apparently started with one LDS church in Farmington and spread north, according to police.

A brick was thrown through the window of the church in Farmington, a brick that matches one tossed through a church window in Kaysville, according to investigators.

Helquist said all of the door locks at one of the three churches hit in Kaysville were filled with extra-strength glue, rendering them inoperable. A locksmith called in to examine the damage said they cannot be cleaned out and will have to be replaced, Helquist said.

The vandals used two 2-by-4s nailed together as a battering ram to smash the windows in one Kaysville church and used a pipe to break out three windows of a church in Clinton, according to investigators.

A gallon of roofing nails was spilled in the street in front of one of the Kaysville churches, the police chief said. About a dozen cars around town were also vandalized, he reported. Car windows were shot out with a BB gun or their tires deflated.

Layton police reported one LDS church in their city was damaged, with bricks thrown through front door windows.

Helquist said there are no suspects at this point but the investigation is continuing. "We'll catch them," the chief said.