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The 39 hours of NBC's fabulous-but-canceled "I'll Fly Away" move to PBS beginning in October. But first, there will be an all-new series finale - a 90-minute movie - that's in production right now.

Almost the entire cast will be back - Sam Waterston, Regina Taylor, Ashlee Levitch and John Aaron Bennett. Kathryn Harrold's character is not part of the plot.And Jeremy London, who played teenager Nathaniel, is busy starring in the new CBS series "Angel Falls."

Fortunately for the producers, and the viewers, Jeremy has a twin brother, Jason, who's also an actor.

"The odds, I must tell you, of him having a twin brother are astronomical," executive producer John Falsey said with a laugh."And the script was almost finished when we got the word that Jeremy wasn't available. And (producer) Ian Sanders' first question to Barbara Miller, who's the head of casting at Lorimar, was, `What's Jason doing?' "

What's ironic is that Jason was originally slated to star in "I'll Fly Away," but Jeremy got the part because Jason had a conflict with a movie he was making.

Waterston recalls that the producers "were sitting around in despair, tearing their hair out because Jason wasn't available to do the pilot. And I said, `Well, you know he has a twin brother.' "

The producers thought he was kidding. "And they all went, `Listen, you know this is a very serious situation. Don't mess with us.' "

WHAT'S IN STORE: Here's how Regina Taylor, who plays Lilly, describes what's going to happen in the "I'll Fly Away" finale:

"We start in 1993," she said. "And Lilly's grandson comes to visit. She goes through a photo album, and we're propelled back to where the series left off, which was around 1962. There's a particular case that's going on in town."

The movie airs on Oct. 11.