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Domino's Pizza sidestepped a $78 million jury award by getting a St. Louis woman to settle out of court for "far less" money, a company spokesman said.

The undisclosed settlement was reached last week after Domino's threatened to appeal the decision made by the St. Louis County jury, spokesman Tim McIntyre said.Jean Kinder sued the pizza chain after she was injured in a 1989 auto accident involving a Domino's delivery worker in St. Louis. She blamed the firm's 30-minute delivery guarantee for what she said was unsafe driving by the worker.

The company dropped its trademark 30-minute guarantee in late December, four days after the jury awarded Kinder $750,000 in actual and $78 million in punitive damages.

Both Kinder and the worker had testified the other ran a red light. Kinder still suffers from neck and back injuries incurred in the wreck.

McIntyre said after the verdict the company started post-trial motions aimed at asking the judge for a new trail. If the judge had rejected the request, he said, the firm planned to file an appeal.

But then the company decided to seek a settlement.