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Utah audiences can't get enough of Insatiable, and band members say they're hoping other U.S. crowds will feel the same way.

The Salt Lake-based eight-piece has been steadily building its local fan base by playing a horn-heavy contemporary update of the ska musical style - including diversions into funk, polka and reggae.Tours throughout the state and surrounding resort cities have shown that there is an audience for the band's music. But now Insatiable is ready to take the first step to bigger stardom - with a 34-date, 40-day tour that includes stops in Chicago, Edmonton and Tijuana and an inclusion on the "Skar-ma-ged-don" compilation of U.S. ska bands.

"This is the all-or-nothing lineup," said keyboardist/-saxophonist/vocalist Jeff Evans in a recent interview. "We've finally developed our own personality, musically."

Insatiable features five songwriting combinations on its upcoming album, "Can't Get Enough," which will be distributed by New York ska label Moon Records.

"Everybody's got their own unique slants on the music," Evans said. "For example, I write a more straightforward ska, while one of our trombonists (Andy Cod-ring-ton) writes a hip, uptempo brand like Fishbone."

With the breakup of Provo's Swim Herschel Swim earlier this year, Insatiable has inherited the mantle of Utah's senior representatives in the ska genre, which preceded reggae in Jamaica before briefly resurfacing in England in the late '70s.

"I say bring (the pressure) on," he said. "One of the reasons we want to go on this tour is to show there's a lot to Utah ska. I think we've got something for the state to be proud of."

Evans expresses admiration for other existing Utah ska acts, including Stretch Armstrong and Model Citizens, saying that the state deserves membership in the elite groups of ska meccas, including New York, Boston and L.A.

Already, the band's self-released, self-title debut cassette has attracted attention from radio stations and newspapers on the East Coast.

"I think there's a lot of interest in ska," Evans said. "And definitely there's a lot of interest in the band. We've just got to try our darndest to get out there and get exposure."

Insatiable's most recent show was Friday night at Hangar 18 in Orem, where the group performed with Dancehall Crashers and Stretch Armstrong.

Other upcoming local dates:

- Sunday, June 12, at the Black Pearl, 350 Main St., Park City (with MU330).

- Monday, June 13, at Hangar 18, 430 S. State, Orem.