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Police in three different counties are taking close looks at Juan C. Felix.

Already he is charged with a million-dollar robbery of a South Ogden jewelry store. He also faces kidnapping and sexual assault charges for allegedly tying up store employees and raping one of them.Salt Lake police consider him a "prime suspect" in a double homicide last month. They're also looking at him in connection with another homicide in April and maybe even others.

The 35-year-old illegal alien apparently likes to brag.

According to search warrants filed in 3rd Circuit Court, Felix bragged to friends about how he'd murdered two men on May 27. He said he'd gone to their apartment to collect a debt. While there, he pulled out his gun during a verbal argument with the men and began shooting, the warrant states.

Felix said the men ran from him and he followed the first one into the bathroom. The door was kicked open and the man was shot in the chest.

The warrant states that Felix bragged that he then went into the bedroom and saw the second man trying to crawl under the bed. He walked up to him and shot him twice in the buttocks. He said he then searched the victim's pockets for money.

A neighbor in an apartment below later discovered Jose M. Gomez, 35, and Thomas Palma, 19, dead inside their apartment at 652 S. Banbury Road (1655 West). Palma was also shot in the head.

Police also believe that Gomez and Felix knew each other because Gomez may have given him a vehicle in exchange for a debt.

Investigators suspect that the information is reliable because much of those details had not been previously released to the public.

Felix also bragged to a friend that he had shot another man in the head about a month earlier and then dumped his body by railroad tracks in Salt Lake City, according to a search warrant. On April 22, the body of Jose Dimas Lopez, 31, was found lying on the side of the road covered with weeds and trash. His feet and hands were bound, and he had been shot once in the head.

Detective Dave Timmerman said Felix is considered a suspect in that homicide, but Salt Lake police are looking for additional evidence. "We haven't been able to find anything to tie it in," he said.

According to the warrant, Felix has bragged that he has killed four or five people.

No homicide charges have been filed against Felix. Detectives used the information about the alleged braggings to obtain search warrants, but it is still unknown whether any charges will be filed. The information cannot be used in court because the statements came to police third-hand and would be considered "hearsay."

Felix is in the Weber County Jail in lieu of $1 million bond awaiting a preliminary hearing on the robbery, kidnapping and aggravated sexual assault charges. Another search warrant states that Felix was wearing a watch and ring stolen from John's Jewelry when he was arrested.

In May, Felix was arrested in Davis County for investigation of public intoxication. His stay in the Davis County Jail led detectives to connect him with the South Ogden jewelry store incident.