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Mascot: Bulldogs

Location: Salt Lake CityDate of graduation: May 29

Number of graduates: About 190

Senior Class core committee: President, Rebecca Wilson; Lisa Book; Aimee LeDuc; Peter Duberow; Antonio Furano.

Student body officers: President, Sean de Four; vice president, Gregory Hopkins; vice president, Angela Parenti

Valedictorian, salutatorians: Valedictorian, Aaron Ballard; salutatorians, Erin Driscoll, Abigail Sanford and Sam Mukherjee.

Greatest class accomplishment: "Our greatest accomplishment was restoring school pride especially in our athletic programs. Our championship teams were a result of not only the athletes' renewed pride, but also the spectators' pride." - Jason Littlefield

What makes this class unique? "We are a class of very diverse personalities, yet we have a strong unity amongst us. We are a class of very talented people - athletes, artists, actors and scholars." - Greg Hopkins.

How will you improve the world? "Our class is already making a difference. As seniors, we have all been part of the Christian Service program at Judge. We have worked with over 80 different agencies in the valley, volunteering at least 45 hours during a semester." - Sarah Hood and Aimee Sage.

What will your children find funny about their parents? "They'll tell us that we never had a style of our own - we just copied other generations' styles" - Katherine Chilton. "Our kids will laugh at the clothes we wore, especially our uniforms." - Amy Stuyvesant.