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With the United Nations' proposal to monitor all civilian weapons worldwide, we must pause for reflection.

History does not suggest, it proclaims with vibrating decibels, that a government that seeks to disarm its citizens is a government bent on dictatorship. The Founding Fathers proclaimed that a well-armed citizenry is the final check on power when all other checks have failed. Those who seek to take away that God-given right of self-defense know that. Their final seizure of absolute control depends on their seizure of significant weapons from the hands of common citizens.Another prerequisite of freedom that the Founding Fathers professed was that the people be at least moderately virtuous. As a people become wicked, they will deserve and will automatically fall into tyranny, they warned.

The real choice we Americans have to make here is not whether or not we should give up our God-given rights of self-defense to a usurping tyranny, but whether or not this people will turn back to the God that gave them breath and freedom in the first place.

Sterling D. Allan

Fountain Green