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In its continuing quest to corner the market on sitcoms locally, KSTU-Ch. 13 has made another big acquisition - "Seinfeld."

It's part of what appears to be the Fox-owned station's plan to make itself the sitcom station in town.With "Seinfeld," KSTU has the big three in off-network sitcoms becoming available this year and next - it already bought "The Simpsons" and "Home Improvement."

"We're ecstatic about securing one of the great sitcoms in syndication," said Steve Carlston, KSTU's vice president and general manager. "We think it prepares us to be a very strong station for years to come."

Ch. 13 has indeed carved out a niche for itself with its sitcom lineup. Currently, "Full House" is doing big numbers, and the new acquisitions will replace aging shows like "Cheers" and "Who's the Boss?"

"The Simpsons" will debut this fall, while "Seinfeld" and "Home Improvement" come on line in the fall of 1995.

An early evening lineup of "Full House," "The Simpsons," "Home Improvement" and "Seinfeld" could prove formidable. And it's possible Ch. 13 could schedule "Seinfeld" at 10 p.m. and steal a number of younger viewers away from the competing newscasts.

KSTU has a couple more off-network sitcoms waiting in the wings. "Dinosaurs," which will probably in the afternoons, and "Blossom," a likely candidate for early evening, both will debut in the fall of '95.

About the only recent, high-profile sitcom KSTU doesn't have is "Roseanne," which KJZZ snagged. It does do that station's best, albeit still low, numbers.

Other sitcoms like "Cosby," "The Wonder Years," "Family Matters" and "Empty Nest" haven't worked out as well for Ch. 14.

(Not all of KSTU's sitcoms have worked out as hoped, either. "Coach" has had disappointing ratings.)

KUTV currently has no syndicated sitcoms on its schedule. KTVX-Ch. 4's only regularly scheduled off-network sitcom is "Night Court," which follows the news on Saturdays and Sundays.

KSL-Ch. 5, of course, still double runs the highly successful "M.A.S.H." But the station's other syndicated sitcoms - "Designing Women," "Murphy Brown" and "Perfect Strangers" - have been disappointing at best.

Which leaves Ch. 13 as the local sitcom king. And it would be virtually impossible to supplant KSTU anytime soon.

About the only sitcoms left out there are "Evening Shade," "Fresh Prince," "Mr. Cooper," "Step by Step" and "Doogie Howser." And none of the local stations have expressed any interest in them.

KJZZ ACQUISTIONS: Ch. 14 hasn't bought any sitcoms, but it has picked up three shows for the fall.

The station will air Suzanne Somers' new talk show, the syndicated, hourlong "Hawkeye: Frontier Adventure" (which stars Lynda Carter and Lee Horsely) and off-network reruns of "Northern Exposure."