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It was the best meeting-hall deal in town.

For $25 a pop, just about any group could rent the old American Legion building for a night. But that was then - last week - and this is now.The 99-year-old building at 8831 S. 220 East was torched last Thursday by a trio of neighborhood youngsters who perched on the roof for a clandestine smoke and flipped their smoldering butts into the attic.

It went up in smoke, and firefighters say the hall was irreparably damaged.

The structure was one of the oldest in town and in its day served as a Congregationalist church and school, converted during the 1950s into a Legion hall.

"We've taken out all our dishes and coffee cups," Legion activist and Sandy historian Bertha Rand said Monday as she and a crew of volunteers picked through the rubble. "And we rescued the grill."

Old as the structure was, it hadn't even begun to fall into disuse. A July 4 breakfast sponsored by Sandy Post 77 of the Legion attracted 800 people. It served as a part-time dance studio, a sizable chapter of Alcoholics Anonymous met weekly at the hall, and it was a local distribution site for the popular Sub for Santa program, catering during the holidays to poor families.

The Legion's auxiliary had scheduled a get-together next month at the building for 100 members.

"Now we've got to find a way to build a new one," said Rand's husband, Al, a longtime legionnaire, who said fund raising will begin sometime within the next several weeks.

Because it was not an LDS church during its parochial history, it was something of a rarity in Utah, and Sandy's historic commission had pending plans to outfit the building with a plaque noting that fact.

Fire Chief Don Chase said three youths from 11 to 13 years old were arrested and charged with causing the blaze; they will be prosecuted in juvenile court.

Firefighters managed to salvage a number of historic flags, furniture and mementos as the hall burned, but in the end it was a $50,000 loss.

Chase said the building was not insured.


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